I’ve been taking sea moss for 5 days now & let me tell you... I feel like it really does work before I started taking it my fasting numbers were in the high 200s for the last 2 days my fasting numbers have been between 116-130 days I know that’s still kinda high but it’s a HUGE improvement for me !! Not only that but my numbers have came down in general, I haven’t hit 300s in 3 days I recently have been in the 170s-180s , I still get spikes throughout the day but it’s no where near as high as it was before & my numbers come down a lot faster too !! Here’s the link to where I bought it from

Jason Guzman thank you again for offering it to me , I’m so happy I tried it . I’ve noticed a few different changes in my body aside from my sugars & I’m very happy with the outcome so far , I don’t plan to stop taking it any time soon !

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Love, love, love Más Moss Seamoss! I have seen a significant difference in my energy, hair, skin & nails. Really great quality, I have referred many friends and family members! Thanks Jason & Melinda.


Amazing stuff, fresh, great taste, wonderful benefits. Blends so well in smoothies my kids have no idea it’s even there. Más Moss is an amazing small business, so informative and always helpful. I wil