Been taking pills for a year an a half did not like it at all. Then I found out about this sea moss that helps your body and gets rid of mucus so I wanted to try it out to see how I felt and now it’s been like two weeks and a half I’ve been taking the sea moss and I feel great and I don’t even need to take the pills daily I have stop taking them and it feels great if you guys are having doubts just give it a try and then you will see the results plus it’s FREE !!!

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Love, love, love Más Moss Seamoss! I have seen a significant difference in my energy, hair, skin & nails. Really great quality, I have referred many friends and family members! Thanks Jason & Melinda.


Amazing stuff, fresh, great taste, wonderful benefits. Blends so well in smoothies my kids have no idea it’s even there. Más Moss is an amazing small business, so informative and always helpful. I wil


Literally the best sea moss I’ve ever tried. No fishy taste or nothing